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At Toronto Production House; we believe it is important to navigate guests through a personalized flow of events as the current market has developed. Traditionally, the main focus would have been dinner followed by dance and now the direction of events have geared towards elaborate and or theme based experiences. Our team developing in the industry over the last decade continues to exercise capturing moments in time. As some may argue; Candid is far more effective than Staged. One method which helps us strive on infusing both is by allowing the lead and subjects sufficient time to develop camera chemistry.

Pictures and videos are an amazing way to reminisce moments. The art of both wedding cinematography and photography in Toronto has evolved in extending to new methods of expressing emotions as well as story telling concepts. Committed to developing and growing with recent trends; this keeps our team current in the emerging Toronto & World market.

We also recognize the difference between Wedding Videography and Event Videography. Each cater to different content distribution methods for various target markets. We find by identifying the viewers of our content; we can shape the content to be effective and useful.

Wedding Photography and Event Photography have similar structures to wedding videography and Event Photography as they have various goals. Run & Gun: One of the common methods that are used in the industry for event coverage. This method is the base structure in capturing all sorts of events and this structure is practiced world wide.

Do you have something lavish in mind or something intimate and unique?  Let’s have a chat!

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