Female Videographer Mississagua, Brampton, Markham, Woodbridge

Female Videographer Mississagua, Brampton, Markham, Woodbridge

Josh and Nandishi star in their fairytale themed wedding extravaganza in Woodbridge! This was a three-day event and for each day the beautiful bride Nandishi paid tribute to a different Disney princess.

Nandishi’s Mehndi night was hosted at Chateau Le Jardin located in Woodbridge Ontario, Nandishi is Princess Jasmine from the Disney classic Aladdin. The Mehndi video starts off at the beautiful Banquet hall located in Vaughan. We see Nandishi and Josh walking down the stairs followed by her Princess Jasmine inspired hairstyle and outfit. What a beautiful recreation, don’t you think? Shirly Wu a star makeup artist located in Mississauga was one of the key players in making the 3 days really come to life. Shirly Wu did an amazing job ensuring originality and creativity. After that you can see the detailing that went into this banquet hall and all the themes and colors that remind you of the Disney story. Manish from Dulhan Mandap ensured each detail was matched to the bride’s specification. The couple walks in and that is when you get to see the event unfold. None other than the Toronto Production House team was there to capture all three events both with Creative Cinematography and Photography in mind! They had performers to entertain all their guests and live singers to enlighten the mood. Later, Josh and Nandishi join in the dancing and have some fun for themselves. Then everybody joins in and it becomes a great Mehndi celebration in the Vaughan Banquet Hall; Chateau Le Jardin!

The next day Josh and Nandishi hosted their wedding ceremony and they based their theme on the Disney princess Belle from Beauty and the Beast. This section of the wedding video starts off with showcasing the bride’s accessories and that were chosen and dress for her wedding day. Next, with the help of Shirley Wu, a well-known make up artist world wide, Nandishi is transformed into princess Belle. You can feel the real cinema tones in the shot when Nandishi walks down the stairs to make way to the venue.
Soon after, we get to see Josh getting ready as well. Not to worry, Josh has some help of his own. With assistance from his groomsmen, Josh is dressed nicely in a tailored traditional Indian suit. Afterwards, We are brought to the wedding hall once again Chateau Le Jardin located in Woodbridge. Josh arrives at the banquet hall on a horse, which was also dressed in traditional garments! Looking like a prince he arrives, Josh makes his way into the beautifully decorated Banquet hall in Woodbridge. Nandishi follows, carried in by family on a tradition doli. Once she arrives the traditional Hindu wedding ceremony is commenced.

On the third day of this Disney based princess theme wedding, Josh and Nandishi based their wedding colors and feel on the Cinderella story. This section starts off by showing the banquet hall/ Hotel Royal York located in the city of Toronto. All of the beautiful detailing once again along with Cinderella’s Carriage is highlighted. The brides maids and groomsmen walk in and then finally Josh & Nandishi, the newly weds, enter their wedding reception hall hand in hand. This is when the night begins full of dancing and choreographed performances begin! The couple, the braids maids, the groomsmen and family all take to the dance floor and you can see that the party truly starts and Josh and Nandishi have their first dance as husband as wife. Soon after, all the guests are on the dance floor and you can see that the reception was a success full of happiness and distress!

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