Wedding Videography Mississauga

Wedding Videography Mississauga

Paul and Sonia star in their very own “Reception Entrance” video. This video starts off with Sonia getting ready in the hotel bathroom in Mississauga. Sonia is putting on her makeup while Paul is in the main room getting ready for their Christian and Sikh wedding reception. Sonia seems to be taking a bit longer than Paul, so Paul decides to turn on the TV.

“Hey Sonia, How much longer? We only have about 45 minutes until we got to hit the road.” Paul says worriedly

“I just need another 15 minutes Ajit!” Sonia promises.

Paul tries not to worry as he has noted he forgot to pack his socks. Paul then decides to text his friend Kevin to bring his socks. While Paul is texting Kevin, Sonia’s mind wanders. She starts to daydream about Paul and how she sees him to be after marriage. In this daydream Paul brings her a drink and fans her while she relaxes. He also paints her nails and blows on them so they can dry. This must what the perfect husband would do, according to Sonia.

In the other room Paul has fallen asleep! While he’s sleeping he has a dream of his own. In his version, Sonia is mowing the lawn, cleaning and cooking. After she’s done she brings it to him while he sits on the couch. Now that must be how marriage is with having the perfect wife, according to Paul of course.

Paul wakes up to go and meet Kevin for his socks. Paul gets downstairs and meets up with his good friend. They chat for a bit and then the drinking begins. Kevin and Paul cheer and down their beer. Kevin says his farewell to Paul and off he goes. Soon after, it seems to be that Paul has made some new friends.

Sonia is finally ready and notices her husband isn’t in the hotel room. She walks downstairs to find him with two girls. She doesn’t look too happy about that! Frustrated, Sonia walks back into the hotel and comes back out with a friend of her own. Paul suddenly decides that “its time go to!” He takes his wife’s hand and they walk towards the car.

As they are driving the gas starts to run out. Paul thinks back to his daydream and tentatively asks Sonia to push the car.

“Do it yourself!” Sonia exclaims.

After a moment, Sonia decides to push it. She sure is stronger then she looks! Sonia pushes the car all the way to Red Rose Convention Center located in Mississauga! She will not be late for her own reception!

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